Thursday, December 24, 2009


Syukur Alhamdulillah am okay now with Ameng. Back together, happy together and so on~OMG! i was so shocked when ameng told me everything bout what were they saying bout me behind my back. I was so blind and so stupid until i didn't realize or notice that how bad they are! stupid him saying to me not to act good! OMG! you stupid! you didn't even know me you dumbass! YOU GUYS ARE REALLY GOOD IN ACTING MAN! I RESPECT U GUYS MAN! LOL! :D WHOAH! how stupid i was all this while being together with you and others~ i should be choosing Ameng and not to say bad things bout him. atleast now we are okay and he i admit to him that i ever talk bad things bout him to them~ Ameng understands me and he said, he already expected that it will happen. so nothing to be shock about he said~ OMG! i don't know what to say now. am so speechless when knowing the truth. whoah! damn,damn,damn! i wish i could kill them! sigh~ just have to be patient... lucky i can cope with it already.... omg,omg! i still can't believe! they were so good when facing, but behind me? MY FOOT! confused. i don't really understand what kind of relatives are they? talking bad things about their own siblings, cousins and so on~ STUPID huh??! but yet still can say me to not act good to people! LIKE, WTF?!! EXCUSE ME! who is who acting good here???! HELL O! could u mirror yourself too before telling someone to mirror theirself first?! didn't you noticed that you are worst enough?! don't u think that u are so damn good! the fact is u r so damn stupid! BIG TALK! (vomit) :D omg! pitty u~ trying to find publisity by saying bad things bad people behind their back. just to create a scene huh?! lol! what do u get by doing all that stuff??? it will turn upside down neway... people will se how bad your attitude are when saying bad things bout people which is not true! from there, people will mark u! so, watch ur mouth first before saying bout people's mouth! stupid!

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