Friday, January 8, 2010


i love his arts! hurm~ :(

what can i say about him? his nice. kind. very artistic n creative, out going n busy all the time! :( and i felt guilty towards him~ coz i ignored him the moment he have feelings towards me~ :( i wish i could explain him why i did that so... but he seems to not understand my situation. sadly, it's hard for me to let him know that, i do have feelings towards him too~ but it's too late.. everything has changed.. can't turn back already.. just have to go with the flow i guess? but sad,sad,sad!! no more chance given! damn! you are so nice! i regret it all what i had done... i mean IGNORED you~ hey! it's true the time that you have feelings towards me, i have a boyfriend. but then, i wanted to end my relationship with my useless bf and accept you.. but you? that easily left what u felt of me in Brunei~ i know it hurts you when knowing that i have a bf.. but u never know the fact n d truth right? so please..... open up your eyes! i feel much hurt than how hurt u felt towards me... u don't even know that right? coz u never care to! i tried so hard to cool the situation down, but i guess i failed~ coz u did d same thing like what i did to u~ cool! but hey! nvm... i can accept it.. coz that is how it goes to u right? i tried to make u happy, but i guess i can't? coz ur reaction is so negative! which can hurt someone's
feelings... u r d type give up easily! the probs is, am not like u... i never give up in anything.. itz just that sometimes i feel weak, then made me feel give up.. but not all the time i will give up! things happened for a reason.. after what had happened, i will not still keep giving up! strong n keep trying is what i always do! but in u? i never see that..! i was planning to do a surprise b'day for u~ but then, still... ur reaction towards me, made me feel disappointed~ sad! but atleast, i never give up! just want u to know that now i care n like u or myB love u too~ if this isn't clear enough to explain to u, let me know! missing the moments we active texting each other before~ till den. bye~

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

hello 2010~ ^_^

so here comes the year of 2010.
good bye 2009 and hello 2010~ ^_^
whoah! last year was really an horrible year for me.. too much bad things which had happened to me... omg!
am so glad that the year of 2009 is passed~
so in the year of 2010, what i wish for the best in my life is to be HAPPY, at least give me some space to be free i mean, FREEDOM, and so whatever on as long as it makes me happy. :)
that's all for now peeps~