Saturday, October 31, 2009


you are the only one that i love.... that i trust..... that i care..... but you?!!! you made me like a TRASH!!!! you even treat me like a TRASH!! how could you?!!! you didn't even care to do something that night?!!! all you did was PUSH me out of your car! and others, u noe what u did! is that how you should treat me?! is that how you LOVE ME?!!!! y am i so PATIENT in you huh?!!!! why can't u b like that?!!! u really made me feel like......ERGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! i just dunno what else to say!!!!!! u broken up my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!! u never care about me all this while... u just want what u want from me.... u really make me feel in miserable! y are u like dis?!! u don't make do things that you don't want me to do... neway, u don't care if i do neway.... THANKS A LOT!!! FOR WHATEVER IT IS!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


i don't know how & what to start first... but all i can say is that my life is now empty.... MOODY, in MISERY, in PAIN & sooooo much more.... bye for now.... i need to be alone this time....

Saturday, October 10, 2009


The day i met my adopted brother was on october 9th at complex karamunsing at noon.... and oh my god!!!! i was so happy and shocked when i saw him... coz it has been a while i didn't see him.. :( so there it goes again.... the STRANGE FEELING when meeting him.. :( coz i used to write him letters, texting him & even hanging on the phone with him before... but now, it seems like everything's changed.... But the only thing that doesn't change till now is the love that i've been always keep in my little heart.... i love him..... i wish he's my real brother... but too bad.. he's not.. :( he's nice though.. believe me!!! he is! he's kind, good looking person, caring, loving, understanding and so much more.... The best brother i've ever met! he gives me strength whenever and wherever i meet him... sigh.... it's just that, i feel so confused since the day i met him till now..... how could this happening? damn! it shoudn't be happening! fuhhh! hell yeahh!! i am damn confused now... well starts that day that we met, after all this while keep ourselves silent, we then texting each other back... i miss him... i miss my bro... :( and at the same time, i miss my boyfriend too.. what's that supposed to mean??? LOL! anyhow, i love them both!! :) they are the best guy in my life!!! and they're replacing my late abah's position till when??? i don't know? But! i surely can't live without them... they are like my lungs to keep me stay alive, and my air to keep me stay breathing and my guardian to protect me from bad things... i thank god for their WELCOME in my life... really! i appreciate it very much! love you both... no matter how it goes, how it happens & how it turns, i will always love you both coz you guys name's are carved in my heart, means and showed that i will never forget you guys till the end of my live.... :) neways, hope you guys be happy, be strong, be loved & so on with your life... XOXO...


Thursday, October 8, 2009


Real Name:
Noor Sharanei Binti Kudran
Nick Names:
Chacha, Shasha & Sasa
July 8th 1990
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Malay Cocos
Modeling, Stewardess, Actress & Graphic Designer