Tuesday, December 22, 2009

how to describe my feelings right now? SAD or HAPPY?

So, here it goes again~ back to single~ :) hey! i supposed to be sad... idk why am i so happy right now? so many emotions i feel when the time set to be apart~ sad, anger & so on... but than, after that, just a few hours later, i feel relief~ my brother, Nazirul really helped me in a lot of things~ He makes me realize and calm everytime when i have problem... NOBODY is PERFECT in this world you all.. but you guys have to remember this. only this! DO NOT EVER REMEMBER THE PERSON JUST BECAUSE OF HIS BAD ATTITUDE OR ANYTHING THAT HE/SHE HAD DONE WRONG.. BUT REMEMBER PEOPLE FOR WHAT HE/SHE HAS HELPED U IN~ BE THANKFUL! LOVE is a part of our LIFE to LIVE. YES! it is TRUE! but hey! now i learned that we have to use it WISELY.... LOVE for the right person... don't ever feel love or beloved by the person whom u just love at that moment but not till the end of your life~ to the person i ever loved nor whoever ever loved me, thanks a lot.... i appreciate it.. really.. i mean it... thanks ya. you guys really opened-up my eyes widely~ hope u guys success in life n get a better life than before.. i wish the same thing in my life too~ bad things won't happen if itz not u the one who start it first~ this is how life & love is... just have to deal with it~ go with the flow~ there's no need to be regret of what we had done... take it as a lesson.. this break-up thingy actually does hurt me like hell! am sure hell is worst than how hurt i feel right now.. to Joe... thanks for everything... things and situations made it hard for you~ its okay.. i can accept the fact.. but to tell u the truth, i was thankful to god for giving me chance to be with u eventhough in a while~ :) i don't even know how to tell u how i feel.... yeah.. maybe itz my fault... am sorry to what i've done.. i respect ur decision...
i won't turn back nemore... so as u. sigh~ no wonder u act so weird lately~ damn u kill me in a silent way! it really hurts u noe~ hurm... neways... send my regards to your mom. and i'll be missing ur lil' sis for sure~ and hey! send my regards to ur new gf~ :) hope u'll be happy eyh? thanks a lot though.... well i think that's it for now.. i can't think too much right now... am weak... really weak... till then~ bye.


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